Children’s Record Guild


                        The Pony Express

                                                            Hot Cross Buns


                                                     Daddy Comes Home

                        Every Day We Grow-I-O

                                                      Grandfather’s Farm

                        I’m Dressing Myself

                                                   Let’s Go to the Rodeo

                        The Little Old Man

                        in his Little Old Car

                                                    Now We Know Songs

                        Now We Know Songs 2

                                          Peter, Please, It’s Pancakes                                  

                        Daniel Boone

                                                                 Robin Hood

                        Said the Piano

                        To the Harpsichord

                                                  The Little Gray Ponies

                        The Travels of Babar

                                                Cap, Spike & Salty Sam

                        Train To the Zoo

                                                                  Little Pedro

                        The Musical Mother Goose

                                                               Puss in Boots


Here are some recordings of 78s we grew up with......