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“Precious Memories”

Jean Ritchie family

“Twilight A-Stealing”

Jean Ritchie Family

“Go Down Death”

James Weldon Johnson

From “God’s Trombones”

“Marching to Zion”

Sankey Celebration Choir

“Motherless Child”

from “God’s Trombones”

“As A Bride


Shaped Note Singing

for Ema  4/6

The Michiana Sacred Harp Singers (a group Matthew and Kate have been with for years) came over to sing for Ema & Abba

Family singing 4/5

Sarah, Tim, Matthew

with Ema on Alto

1 Precious MemoriesThe_Ema_Pages_files/lind%20precious%20memories.mp3
2 Ema’s ResponseThe_Ema_Pages_files/lind%20emas%20response.mp3
3 Twilight A-StealingThe_Ema_Pages_files/lind%20twilight%20a-stealing.mp3

Bright Morning Stars

sung by the Matthew quartet

(Ema’s request for the beginning of her funeral)

Story of a Family


(Word Doc)

Sarah Ema pics

Ema Updates  Daily updates on Ema’s dying days
May 10 to September 6, 2008

Audio & Movie clips

7-13 Hymn Sing

at Ema’s bedside

Will the Circle Be UnbrokenThe_Ema_Pages_files/
Bright Morning StarsThe_Ema_Pages_files/bright%20morning%20stars.MOV
Wonderful Words of LifeThe_Ema_Pages_files/wonderful%20words%20of%20life.MOV
Angel BandThe_Ema_Pages_files/angel%20band.MOV

“I can’t help crying”


Great God, Thou Giver... 
In the Morning of Joy

Miriam Sieber Lind

July 19, 1920 - August 24, 2008

The word of her life is fully spoken . . .

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Abba pulls us through!

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