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Heritage Middle School offers media to all 7th and 8th graders. The seven-week course gives students an introduction to digital editing, and also an introductory exploration of one of the most popular professional editing programs available on the market today, Adobe Premiere. With the advent of faster personal computers, digital cameras & camcorders, and inexpensive memory, a revolution in media manipulation is upon us. This has enabled ordinary people to do on their home computers what was, only a few years ago, the exclusive domain of professional studios with extremely expensive equipment.

The goal of this class is to give students at HMS an introduction into the use of computers to manipulate video and sound. At the end of the seven weeks, each student has produced a digital movie. In the 7th grade, students do projects on topics like friends, family, pets, sports, or music, some of the more ambitious have delved into short fictional plots. In the 8th grade, students create a digital poetry project.

Students learn how to manipulate digital images, make static and moving titles, use transitions, create special effects, incorporate audio, and many other skills. They also hone their creative, organizational and planning skills as they lay out their projects in digital timelines much like is done by professional movie and commercial producers.

The media class curriculum follows guidelines laid out by the state of Indiana for essential skills in the area of computers and digital information.

Students have the option of transferring their creations onto dvd to take home. We hope that this course offering at Heritage will better prepare our students for some of the high-tech opportunities that await them as they move into adulthood.

Our room is also the home of The Knightly News, Heritage’s live news broadcast. Students from his classes run the mixing board, sound, and cameras for the daily announcements. With our blue screen, film from academic and sporting events can be projected behind our announcers.  Students and staff have also created “commercials” for special events at HMS, using our Premiere video editing software. Our goal is to teach students some of the basics of broadcasting, and to give our school an effective and entertaining medium for communication.

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